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For customers with specific security needs, who require a personalised and exclusive service.
Characteristics of the service
24-hour Alarm Monitoring Service
Where alarm signals are received, checked and transmitted. Our staff contact the Customer and notify the police whenever necessary.
Power failure notification
Notification of the Customer after the detection of an electrical power failure at the protected location.
Access to the Customer Portal
Through this service, the Customer can access some information, such as the status of the alarm system, carry out alterations to contact details, among others.
Annual Risk Reassessment
Personal advice service for revising the risks of the protected property. A report is drawn up with the measures to be taken in each case.
Confirmation of the Cancellation of an Alarm
Option offered to the Customer to confirm that the calls received from our Centre really are from Prosegur. For this, a counter-password may be requested of us.
Periodic connection test
Communications supervision service between the alarm system and the Alarm Reception Centre.
24-hour Technical Assistance
Service that tests, checks and prepares the Customer's alarm system and the communications with the Alarm Reception Centre.
Key Holding
The Customer deposits a set of keys that will be safeguarded by Prosegur. They serve fundamentally to facilitate the work or our Standby Patrols.
Standby Patrol Service (*)
In the event of an intrusion into your property or dwelling, our patrol travels to the location to act in the appropriate manner, always notifying the police simultaneously.
Access Control
Service through which the Customer has a detailed control report of the activation and deactivation of their system.
Information on Opening/Closing outside hours
Supervision of the opening and closing of the Customer's premises, taking into account a schedule of days and times set by the Customer.
Inspection in Absence (*)
Service for outside inspection of the protected location in relation to evidence of movements, lights, signs of forced entry, etc.
Management of Keys held (*)
Prosegur offers a set of keys, in order that, if needed, it can provide them to you or to an authorised third party. A service provided within the Standby Patrol area, in the event of loss, absence, etc.
Personal Security Advice
A personal advisor will be assigned to you who will be responsible for managing the security service that the Customer has contracted. A specific and exclusive telephone number will be assigned to you where you can make all enquiries that you may consider necessary.
(*) Subject to the Area of Coverage of the Standby Patrol
Optional Services
Inactivity Control
This consists of the possibility of supervising all pre-programmed areas of the security system, such that they will emit an inactivity event that the Alarm Reception Centre will interpret as a medical emergency.
Technical Alarms
Alarms with specific sensors capable of detecting smoke, floods or gas leaks. In the event of activation, they immediately notify the Customer and the appropriate services.
Medical Emergencies
In the event of a medical emergency, Prosegur Activa notifies the respective services for rapid response. The activation of the signal is made through pendants, bracelets or the activation of the emergency key on the alarm keypad.
Video Surveillance
Through video cameras, you can control what is happening within the protected location. Prosegur Activa is responsible for placing them in strategic locations to have better access control.
Home automation
Remote home control system which allows the switching on and off of lights or the raising and lowering of blinds to be managed from any location. In this way, you may simulate somebody's presence in your home, or just water the garden.
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